The Issues

The American Dream

Some people think the American Dream is that some of us are able to get wealthy. I disagree. There are plenty of wealthy people in China and Russia who are not living the American dream. The American Dream means that … Continued

Creating Good Jobs and Strengthening Our Economy

Creating good jobs and strengthening our economy is central to restoring the American Dream and fortifying the middle class. Income and wages have been stagnant for three decades. In the last six years alone, one in ten Americans has fallen … Continued

Education – Investing In Our Future

As a father of four, Doug understands how important it is to provide our children with a quality education. Investing in education is the best investment we can make in our future. Early childhood education increases the effectiveness of all … Continued

Real Fiscal Responsibility

I know that real fiscal responsibility isn’t easy. It’s much more than a catch-phrase, it’s a deep-rooted commitment to balancing budgets and living within one’s means. As a corporate defense attorney for 25 years, I’ve worked for businesses that care … Continued

Reforming America’s Broken Immigration System

America’s immigration system is broken. Doug understands that fixing our immigration laws will help strengthen our economy. Our current immigration system fosters a permanent underclass, something that runs contrary to our ideals as Americans. It’s time for the Federal government … Continued

Congress Is Broken

“Suppose you were an idiot, and suppose you were a member of Congress.  But I repeat myself.” Mark Twain There is all too much truth in what Twain had to say.  Congress is dysfunctional.  It reached a low point last year when … Continued